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Providing a Full Range of Land Surveying Services for more than a Quarter of a Century

Boundary Surveying

Landmark establishes boundaries for almost every project we work on. In some cases, it might be a boundary survey for a property partition or subdivision development. In other cases, it could be an ALTA or TSPS survey frequently needed for commercial, industrial or large retail real estate transactions. Boundary surveying is required for fee title property transactions (land title or standard land surveys), easement acquisitions, releases, vacation documents or license agreements, right-of-way modifications, establishing limits of construction and location of easements, building lines and other existing encumbrances.

Design Surveying

Landmark provides surveying for engineers, architects and developers for design purposes. Generally, these projects involve establishing horizontal and vertical control using geodetic positioning and direct leveling, topographic and tree surveying, improvement and utility location, locating subsurface utilities in conjunction with SUE providers, and locating boreholes in conjunction with geotechnical engineers. Project scope and limits can involve the use of terrestrial, aerial or mobile LiDAR scanning, and compiling multiple data sets into a single usable project. As well, Landmark has established strong relationships with small, minority and women-owned specialty businesses, as needed, to create the final comprehensive survey. Typically, infrastructure projects, for light rail, roadways, pipelines, transmission lines, flooding or erosion control, and even park planning, require design surveying.

Construction Surveying/ LiDAR/ Quality Control

Landmark’s construction surveying involves establishing strong and enduring control networks and baselines using a combination of GPS and conventional surveying techniques, staking out points and offsets for proposed structures, or as-built quality control. Work can be as simple as staking out points for a fence or as intense as providing as-built quality control for multi-story downtown skyscrapers. Typical projects are residential (custom home building and subdivision utilities/roads), commercial (office buildings and condominium projects) and public works (pipelines, buildings, streets and bridges, and drainage infrastructure). Landmark is also able to provide 3D solutions, for quality control and other uses requiring a highly detailed picture, using the fast, accurate and efficient Leica RTC360 terrestrial laser scanner.